Shrimpy Scamp

I saw Scamp camping trailers at the MN state fair last year and can’t get them off my mind!  It’s like your own for-human P.O.D. system with so many reasons to get one (which I will share in future blogs).  But is my Chevy Aveo be able to tow it?  I don’t know the tow rating on my anemic 4-cylinder, Korean American car.  And furthermore, do you get the 13′ scamp WITH the toilet, or skip the toilet and take the couch instead?  BTW, if you skip the toilet the couch converts into TWO more beds.  (see diagram)


Thirteen feet is not much air circulation room for a toilet OR for 4 people sleep breathing.  To put things in perspective, I had a solo canoe once that weighed 39 lbs.  I could lift it myself and it was 12 feet.  I tried to sell that to the school bus driver for 200 bucks (a real steal) but then he only showed up with 100 bucks and a hammock from El Salvador, so basically he paid me 101 dollars.  Cripes.  I shoulda took that travel voucher from South West Airlines Friday to make up for it.

Scamp’s website (hewn from Central Minnesota sensibilities) shows a few people REALLY EJOYING their scamp, while conspicuously not showing the inside.  I don’t really care if they’re shady about the inside.  It’s a good, fun product, and as far as camping goes, I think they’re mostly just for when it rains so you have somewhere to play cards and shit.  Very reasonable.  If you want more info, see or go to the MN State Fair.  They are under the south end of the sky ride.  So yes, I’ve seen the roof too.  Oh, yeah: the point.  Love em, but  I probably can’t get one, because we’ve already been in trouble with the ordinances and sky patrol of Bayfield County, Wisconsin for too many campers on our land.  But if someone else gets one, please let me know how you like it.


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