DEC 19th…Mpls, Cedar Cultural Center. i’m having a nervous breakdown.

We need a couple more dogs (smallish) or an animal that looks like a dog, so we have a real doggie sweater contest, a real one.  At my North Star Variety Hour and Meat Raffle, AKA Mary Mack’s Holiday Meat Raffle Show and Doggie Sweater Contest.   Tix are at Electric Fetus cheaper in person in advance or $12 at the Cedar Door, or somewhere around there at  Enter your dog by writing me at this address:  !

THE BLOG PART OF THIS POST:  Everybody says you’ll be less stressed out if you are organized.  This is not true at all.  I have been getting organized this last couple weeks, and it is the most stressed out I have ever been.  I am eating my Melatonin gummy drops all day to stay calm.  Also, don’t do that.  Don’t get organized and don’t eat natural sleep remedies throughout the day.  Except for the Brahm’s brand.  That brand is okay to eat every so many hours, especially on a plane.   




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