Magic Castle of the North POSTPONED!

THIS IS POSTPONED!!  Didn’t have enough time to plan, but nice he tried!!

Well, hello! This is not an essay, but a little blurb about something interesting I was asked to do this Thurs Aug. 9 in Plymouth, MN.  So…If you don’t live in the Twin Cities area, you might not want to read any further.

Have you ever heard of that haunted attraction west of the Cities called ScreamTown? It’s one of the biggest and best in the U.S. for those type things. I cannot go, because I cannot even watch The Voice on T.V.  I get too nervous. But the owner Matt Dunn is also a magician and he has a beautiful property for his home in Plymouth. There’s swans, a dock, gardens and this pretty rad treehouse with leather chairs like a cigar lounge up in the tree. What I like best are the oddity bits he collects off the internet to display in his house. It’s like the really weird stuff I gawk at on Antiques Roadshow (my favorite show!).

Well, Matt, being a magician is a big admirer of the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. It has a pretty strict dress code which I breached last spring, and L.A. had to call the fashion police on me.  But what’s super awesome about the Magic Castle is how eccentric it is…and how good the talent is you see there: Handsome Jack and Derick Hughes being my two favorites.

At any rate, I’m excited to say that Matt has created his own magic castle with the same intimate type atmosphere (18 seats!) and he is going to sneak attack grand open it this Thurday Aug 9, 2018! But if everybody is busy, he’ll have to reschedule, I told him. It’s called Dunn’s Comedy and Magic Theater, and Tim Harmston my hubby and I have been asked to be the first performers! (With Stand Up Comedy, not magic. Matt will probably handle that.) This ticket is more than our normal price, but he includes drinks and apps and you get to climb in the treehouse and tour the gardens or try to negotiate with a swan. If you want in here’s the website for tickets below. Please note, he’s really doing it like a real magic castle and requiring people to dress for the occasion and no one is admitted after the show starts. But all that info is on the website! Good luck to Dunn’s Comedy and Magic Theater!   Thanks for reading.

20180608_124920_wt6fbvMatts Swans

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